Ammolite / Ammonite Stone & Jewellery

Brilliant, ancient colour Ammolite / Ammonite gemstones by Aurora Canadian Jewellery is a rare, highly unique “opal-like” gem polished from the fossilized remains of Ammonite, a now extinct hard-shelled marine creature which lived 75 million years ago in the shallow inland seas of prehistoric North America. Over millions of years, geological conditions unique to the area have transformed the ammonite fossils into gem-quality called Ammonite. Southern Alberta is the world’s only source of gem-quality Ammolite / Ammonite, making Ammolite / Ammonite jewellery a unique memento of Canada and her intriguing prehistoric past. Its stunning array of brilliant, natural colour makes Ammolite / Ammonite a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. Ammolite / Ammonite fossil Jewellery by Aurora.

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From the wind swept icescape of arctic Canada come rare Canadian diamonds of exceptional beauty and fire. Possess the romance and pristine beauty of Canada’s north in genuine Aurora Canadian Diamonds, mined in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Diamonds are polished to European Standards for superior fire and brilliance. Canadian diamonds are set in solid 14 or 18 karat gold. Average diamond quality: SI clarity, H – I colour.

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