B.C. Jade Stone Carvings
This gemstone of British Columbia Ranges in colour from white through various shades of green to black. The hardness and density of the stone make it polish beautifully to reveal a rich, translucent shade of green in sculptures and jewellery. Jade is primarily minded in Northern British Columbia. All carvings are unique. There are many stories of “Health and Good Fortune for those in possession of Jade.
All kinds of wildlife and animals are available in B.C. Jade carvings.

B.C. Jade Carvings with Amethyst Stones
Amethyst is found in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Colours vary from a delicate orchid to glorious violet. The Greeks believed that amethyst enhances the inner energy of its owner.
Our Artists use their imagination and artistic design to create these unique and special Canadian treasures. Each B.C. Jade Carving with Amethyst Stone is an original scultpture — No two are alike!

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