Specially hand-carved soapstone, made in Canada.

Soapstone is a soft, easily carved, metamoephic rock that is a granular from mineral talc. The natural colors range from gray to green. It has a soap like feel and resists heat and acids. The Inuit community of sanikiluaq, Nunavut in Southern Hudson bay have been creating quality carvings for 30 years. The same techniques that they use today has been passed down from generation to generation, so each piece is unique and masterfully sculptured by Inuk artists.

Soapstone is characterized by soft soapy texture and is an ideal stone for carving because it contains the mineral talc. it has been found at prehistoric archaeological sites throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, mostly as fragments of cooking pots and lamps, indicating its importance as a component of prehistoric subsistence. Organic items do not usually survive in archaeological contexts in Newfoundland because of acidic soil conditions: soapstone, however, survives well, albeit rarely as a complete artifact.

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