Indian Cowichan Sweaters

Each cowichan sweater is hand-knit and designed specific to each customer’s preference. Customer’s can choose from various patterns to design his/her own sweater. However, like all hand-made goods each sweater is knit at time of order and usually take 2-3 weeks to make.

Each adult size cowichan sweater requires over 4 pounds of wool. The cowichan sweater could be washed in very mild detergent (so as not to remove the natural oils), and the sweater will have a life span of around 50 years. Treated properly, without chemical detergents, the wool retains its lanolin which is the natural oil that gives the wool its strength and integrity and makes the cowichan sweaters both warm and water-resistant.  The natural oil also gives the sweater its water repellent ability during snow and rain.

Sizing of Cowichan sweaters available:

Kids size, Youth size, Adult 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, etc.   Please give us your chest measurement and so we can determine the proper sizing for your order.

Cowichan sweater wool garments:

Cowichan sweater patterns Currently Available:

Maple Leaf, Eagle, Wolf, Moose, Elk, Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Snowflakes, etc.   If you have a favorite animal that is not listed please let us know and we will work with the cowichan sweater artist to accommodate your requests.

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