Ammolite Pendant – 14K Yellow Gold


Ammolite Pendant – 14K Yellow Gold
Item: 394582728019
Stone Size: 18 x 15 mm
Grade AA
Please note that the ammolite gemstone may vary slightly from the featured picture as no two stones are exactly alike.


Ammolite Pendant – 14K Yellow Gold

Ammolite is a fossilized gem stone found in Southern Alberta. Over millions of years, geological conditions unique to southern Alberta have transformed the fossils into gem quality specimens, found nowhere else on earth. Ammolite by Aurora brings to the world a rare and highly prized gem direct from the Ammolite mine. Handcrafted in your choice of precious metals.

This beautiful Ammolite is Cat’s eye in shape and features a high grade Ammolite stone. All Ammolite gemstones we offer include a lifetime warranty from Manufacturer.

* Please note that stone colors are not exactly as shown as no two Ammolite gemstones are exactly alike.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 cm