“Cascade Gifts has a great selection ofBeef and Buffalo Jerky treats. I prefer the brands of jerky they sell because of the good old-fashioned natural jerky taste; they don’t taste processed with additives like other common brands. On a more personal note, Ken & Elaine (the owners of Cascade gifts) are probably two of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet.”

Melissa Bain, Yaletown – Vancouver BC Canada

“I am delighted by the quality and gourmet choice of foods held by Cascade Gifts. Their products are excellent! You can choose from the melt in your mouth Maple Sugar Candies to their gift packed succulent Smoked Pacific Salmon. I am not exagerating, you will enjoy the mouth watering experience of their gourmet foods.”

Bernadette Leonard, Vancouver BC Canada

“Our office had the pleasure of enjoying a box of your Godiva chocolates and a pound of Godiva coffee from Cascade Gifts. The Creme Brulee coffee brewing on a Monday morning at the office is like walking into an effervescent room of possibilities and aliveness, not a bad way to get the work week going! The accompanying Godiva chocolates was a welcome reprieve of sweetness and celebration for a day well spent!”

Timothy Serrano, Vancouver BC Canada

“Our office had the pleasure of enjoying a box of your Godiva chocolates. As chocolate lovers, we all have our favorite Godiva pieces. Cascade Gifts’ Godiva chocolates are extraordinary. They were the right choice as a gift for us.”

Amy Fan, Burnaby BC Canada

Ahhh… your Godiva coffee is great.”

Nathan Kondra, Vancouver BC Canada

“A few weeks ago we were showered with the most wonderful gift basket from Cascade Gifts! Salmon, Godiva chocolate, Godiva coffee,Canadian Ice Wine cookies, Maple Cookies and much more. My particular favorite were the Maple Cookies. Absolutely delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. Shaped like Maple Leafs, the symbol of Canada, they would certainly make the perfect gift for any travelers or for those we know who live in other countries. Thank you so much Elaine and Ken, I would highly recommend any of your products for their quality, freshness and taste!”

Claudia Baumstark, Vancouver BC Canada

“The Sportsman Pacific Smoked Salmon is nothing short of outstanding. The freshness was apparent, and the balance in both the smoke and the moistness of the salmon was a real treat. It’s obvious that a great deal of care went into the product, from selecting the best fish to gourmet preparation and proper packaging. Congratulations!”

Kelvin Ng, Burnaby BC Canada


“Dear Elaine Tang,Today I recieved your parcel.Thanks for the delivery.
The little statuet looked even better than on the picture.Friendly greetings!”

Emil Veldhuis, Netherland